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Our Origin Story

Caroline Levy founded ZINDA BEAUTY after leaving her long-time career in law to create accessible and transformative skincare that connects the modern womxn to indulge in herself, on her own terms. She developed a deep admiration for the world of wine and the natural powers residing on the vine and in the ground. She joined ranks with long-time friend, Dave Grudzinski , who’s diligence to sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients connects the potency of the vineyard to the vanity. As a first-time entrepreneur and long-time women’s health advocate, Caroline values sharing her continual transformation and empowering womxn to live into a world of limitless possibilities.

Like a great bottle of wine, it takes time. We take the quality of our products seriously, leaving no detail left untouched. Over two years of product development went into our first offering, Moisture Rose Cuvée, to ensure the integrity of the ingredients supporting you and your skin.