4 Vegan Holiday Recipes

As the holidays quickly approach, it can be difficult to pick what exactly to cook for the family. Here are our top 4 recipes to round out your holiday menu. All recipes are vegan and brought to you by amazing womxn food bloggers and influencers! Enjoy!

First up is the Winter Kale Salad, a recipe by Jenné Claiborne, known as @sweetpotatosoul on Instagram. Jenné describes this salad as a hearty, colorful salad made with a mix of roasted and raw vegetables. This salad is to be tossed in a creamy dressing and finished with something crunchy. The prep time to make this salad is only 15 minutes and has a cook time of half an hour. This winter salad sounds absolutely delicious and is linked below! 


Next up is a recipe for Vegan Stuffed Shells by Caitlin Shoemaker, or @frommybowl on Instagram. Caitlin says her recipe is made from simple, easily accessible plant-based ingredients but still achieves a creamy, cheesy flavor! Due to having to stuff the shells, prep time is about as long as it took time which is 30 minutes. The final product looks totally worth it! 


For dessert, Catherine Perez, or @plantbasedrd on Instagram offers a delicious recipe for Vegan Cowboy Cookies. She says her cookies are soft, melty, and “Santa approved.” These Cowboy Cookies are loaded with oats, chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans. Additionally, this recipe is a little more nutritious than your average cookie. Whole-grain flour allows for a high percentage of fiber and peanut butter is the main source of fat. The prep time is only 5 minutes, and the baking time is only 10 minutes! 


To go along with dessert here is a Vegan Hot Chocolate recipe by Laura Marian, or @laurentiamarian on Instagram. Laura uses a mixture of water and dairy-free milk preferably, coconut milk, to increase creaminess. She also adds a dash of nutmeg powder and cinnamon to enhance this special holiday treat! This vegan hot chocolate is the perfect match with Catherine’s Cowboy Cookies!