At Zinda Beauty,

We're Anti Anti-Aging


Where We Stand

For years, the beauty industry has been creating products to capitalize on the insecurities around aging. Here at Zinda, we want to deconstruct what skincare means. Skincare should be less about the impossible task of “anti-aging;” chasing eternal youth, erasing your hard-earned wrinkles, and trying to look like the airbrushed images we see in magazines and on the internet that don’t represent real skin on real people.

Instead, Zinda Beauty creates products to soothe, nourish and maintain the optimal health of the largest organ on your body - your skin. Just like you can choose to eat organic and non-toxic foods that are good for you and the environment, Zinda Beauty is creating a line of clean skincare products that do the same.

Our debut hydrating cream, Moisture Rose Cuvée, infuses skin with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants for long-lasting hydration and healthy skin that glows, at any age. Here at Zinda, we believe that every human is beautiful, and beauty doesn’t expire.

Inclusive, Conscious Beauty For All Human-kind

Beauty is the single most commodified and commercially exploited concept in society at large. The global beauty industry needs a wakeup call.
Too many people still suffer from low self-esteem. Too many products still contain harmful ingredients. Too many natural resources are still wasted in production.
Too many people still feel marginalized, underrepresented, prejudiced and discriminated against.

Zinda Beauty believes we can, and must, do better.
Real beauty at its true core is socially active, inclusive, empowered, multicultural, and in deep alignment with the beauty and rhythm of the natural word.
Zinda Beauty is creating an elevated experience of true beauty in the collective consciousness for all Human-kind.

The Zinda Beauty Standard

At Zinda Beauty, we believe innovation through sustainability is always worth it.
Our products are always:

We adhere to the strict EU guidelines for Clean Beauty.
We Say No to Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Surfactants, BHT, BHA, Silicones, Synthetic Dyes and Synthetic Fragrances.

Our products are formulated in the USA using artisanal methods and paddle-mixed in small batches.