Flower Power : Florals That Cultivate Radiance


You’ve seen the delicate, candy-colored flowers, and you’ve undoubtedly breathed in the rich, rose-like scent of geraniums. These pretty flowers with their leafy stalks are hardy flowers that you’ll find growing in many gardens. But like so many flowers and plants, their dainty appearance conceals health benefits that really pack a punch.

Botanical brands like ours harness the amazing benefits of geranium oil because of its highly underrated natural infusion for smooth skin and mental health.

These radiant florals, which come in various hues of salmon-pink, vibrant red, pastel white, vivid scarlet and deep crimson, are prized for their sweet smell. In fact, ancient civilizations and royal kingdoms in Egypt often added geraniums to beautifying rituals and they have been a part of skincare routines since time immemorial. Geranium flowers along with their fragrant leaves and stems, also yield a vastly beneficial ingredient upon steam distillation – geranium essential oil.

The invigorating odour of geranium essential oil works wonders in pacifying the mind and reducing stress after a long, hectic day, easing all signs of tension, worry and nervousness. When inhaled as such or used in a modern-day beauty ritual like in Our Moisture Rose Cuvée. You can create a moment of pause to start your morning off calm and nourished as it significantly lowers blood pressure and balances the emotions. Geranium essential oil is blessed with a rejuvenating smell, in addition to enhancing mental wellbeing. It is an excellent restorative blend for resolving low moods, uplifting brain functions, memory, and concentration