Your Beauty By Your Sign - Aries

Your Skincare Horoscope By: Grace Mcgrade, Astrologer


Happy Astrological New Year, Aries! Last year was all about restoring your sense of purpose and committing to your personal mission. This year, with an emphasis on Aquarius placements lighting up your financial sector, you are asking to collaborate and share that zest and passion with others. Lucky for you, this means the upcoming year promises great business opportunities. You are the initiator of the zodiac, the fiery self starter, full to the brim with ideas we all need to hear. We begin this next cycle through the zodiac with the Sun beaming in your sign, giving you a boost of vitality, drive, and personal power. Later in the month, Venus, planet of beauty and pleasure, joins the Sun in your house of identity. This is the best time to set intentions around how you feel within your own skin, intentions that will have lasting effects for a whole calendar year. 

With your ruler Mars, in curious Gemini, you are eager to experiment and learn new things. 

This means it’s time to try out new methods of wellness and self care in your daily beauty rituals. Don't be afraid to get experimental! For you, a morning routine is instrumental, and as the resident warrior of the zodiac- your beauty routine is  your armor. With so much in store for you in the upcoming months, you need something easy, portable and quick. Try stripping down to the basics, and pairing our Zinda Rose Moisturizer with a gentle foaming exfoliant. Rather than hairspray or perfume, switch to sage hydrosol to seal your aura with intention before bracing the world at large.

As the first fire sign of the zodiac, your body favors warmth. In the evening, try using a facial steamer or even the d.i.y method of pouring hot water into a bowl, and draping your head over using a towel to trap the heat. Add chamomile or lavender to soothe the nerves and unwind after a long day. It’s hard work being a warrior!