Your Beauty By Your Sign - LEO

Your Skincare Horoscope By: Grace Mcgrade, Astrologer


Happy Astrological New Year, Leo! With serious Saturn in your opposite sign, Aquarius, there is a huge emphasis on what you are sharing with others. It is in your nature to be the most romantic, generous sign of the zodiac, but sometimes sharing the spotlight is hard. It's time to learn when to lead and when to take a step back and hold firmer boundaries around who has access to your energy and ideas. Partnership is a huge theme in this cycle, in business and in pleasure. Look out for kindred spirits and like minded individuals to accompany on your road to greatness. Uranus in Taurus adds an innovative energy to your career sector, spurring out of the blue opportunities and networks built through the internet.

As a Leo, all your beauty rituals should be lavish and luxurious. Adding gold infused creams or oils to your daily routine assist in tending to that inner glow. Use affirmations or mantras of self adoration to your morning rituals, ensuring you start your day feeling your best. These might feel silly at first, but stay playful and committed and wait for the magic to do it's work. Haircare is a must, so keep that celestial shine by investing in some good hair masques and heat tools that keep your mane looking it’s best.