Your Beauty By Your Sign: Pisces

Your Skincare Horoscope By: Grace Mcgrade, Astrologer

Happy Astrological New Year, Pisces! This is the beginning of a new solar year, and as we embark into Aries season, you are beckoned to spring into action and set new intentions for the astrological cycles ahead. Last year was all about releasing, and this year is about renewal. Ask yourself, how can I imbue my daily routine with more self love? What am I looking for from others that I first need to give to myself?
You have purged outdated relationships and surrendered people from the past, so set clear intentions around the community you are curating, fellow mystics and creatives who can match their vision with action. With Saturn, planet of discipline, in Aquarius, all signs are focused on friendship and building new communities. For you, this upcoming year is about finding equilibrium and reciprocity in your connections with others. In May, Jupiter, planet of abundance, takes a tour through your sign, and opens up potentials of growth in all directions. Jupiter expands your journey in self discovery. This will be a lucky period, bringing you abundance and wealth. Call it in, by sprucing up your morning ritual with some luxury, perhaps a jade-face roller or gold-infused beauty products for dewy skin and luscious locks. Using rose-scented serums and creams in your morning routine can help infuse your days with positivity and uplift your mood.
As the resident empath of the zodiac, you can be prone to burn out- so pair these intentions with beauty rituals that replenish your energy system. In the evening, epsom salt-baths can help you unwind and detox from the day. There is an emphasis on finding peace within this upcoming year, so curate a nightly ritual that connects you to your element (water) and brings you back home to yourself. Any imaginative twist you can take on a bath will work in your f favor.