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Zinda was inspired by the extraordinary beauty and benefits of wine regions worldwide and takes its name from a much loved grape varietal. Zinda means “To Live” - Zinda is the embodiment of what it means to live beautifully, naturally, and abundantly.

Our Story

Zinda began after Caroline, a wine enthusiast, was inspired by the natural bounty of ingredients she encountered while traveling to wine regions throughout the world. In her travels she discovered the benefits of natural oils and plants that were being used, not just for wine, but for skincare.

After falling in love with the natural beauty of the wine country, she began experimenting with Resveratrol’s powerfully moistening and renewing properties. Caroline partnered with her long-time friend David, a fellow wine enthusiast, who has been involved with the Natural Products Industry for over 20 years and is passionate about health, wellness and wine.




If you love a glass of wine—or two—at the end of a long day then our Moisture Rose Cuvée, is the perfect line for you. Our luxurious new moisturizer will leave your skin looking fresh, hydrated, and radiant. With more formula's in the works, we are excited to share - Zinda Beauty as a destination for your skin to live beautifully!